A Proven, No-Cost Process to Land More Auditions
for the Roles You Were Born to Play

for the only course designed to help you get more auditions
for the jobs you actually want

The only comprehensive interactive online course designed to 3X your audition rate using a tool you already own: Your Actors Access account
(...and yes, it's proven to work for all the other sites too!).

for the only course designed to help you get more auditions
for the jobs you actually want

I want to let you in on a little secret to cheat the system...


I bet you do all you can to get auditions, like:

  • Invest money on workshops to play the relationship long-game in the hopes that they will one day call you in 
  • Spend hours on Instagram just to doom-scroll trailer-selfies and wonder how your frenemies got those jobs
  • Listen to Clubhouse drone on… and on… and on… til you can raise your hand and try to build a connection with a Casting Director (see long-game)
  • Try to write a d*mn authentic – but not annoying 🙏🏼 email to connect with CDs – if you even have their email address and/or the guts to click send (again, see long-game) 
  • Do none of the above cuz it' s all too much and you're not sure where to start

You're doing all of this work and... WHERE ARE THE AUDITIONS?!

Listen, I'm not against any of those things, but if you don't have your profile on point you're just working 10x harder than you need to…

Especially when your profile can do most of that heavy lifting for you. Isn’t that a relief!?!

Your Actors Access casting profile is the #1 vehicle to get good, real, paid fancy-pants auditions. Period. Full Stop.

for the only course designed to help you get more auditions
for the jobs you actually want


  • Nail your branding – once and for all! – this way you can authentically put yourself out there without sounding salesy or delusional.

  • Clarify what it is you TRULY want from your acting career so you can highlight the right credits and experience to motivate your reps (or soon-to-be reps) to join you in the big vision you have for yourself.

  • Expertly test your profile so you can be smart about where you spend your precious time, energy, and money.

  • Craft an undeniable 'Note to Casting' that sets you apart from other actors and highlights the noteworthy experience that gets you called in again and again.

  • Get to the front of the line with a fail-proof submission technique that makes you the obvious choice for the roles you're meant to book.

  • Design a brag-worthy Casting Profile that tells the story of WHERE YOU'RE GOING – not just where you've been so CDs (and your Reps!) will see you as the roles you want NOW.

  • Successfully highlight your most important and unique credits and training (and ditch the drivel) so you make an impression every single time you click submit.

  • Take your random auditions from "whatever you can get seen for" to booking roles that mean something to you and gigs that will move your career forward in a meaningful and authentic way.

for the only course designed to help you get more auditions
for the jobs you actually want

WAIT, BRIAN! Are you telling me that this is a course on how to use Actors Access? That’s beginner stuff. I’m way beyond that at this point!

Guess what? The biggest mistake that most actors make – and I’m talking about the ones with amazing representation too! – is that they dismiss this tool.

I invite you to peep the Series Regulars' stories below. My clients who have gone through this system are now Tony Award-winners, Series Regulars, and Recurring Guest Stars...

The truth is, unless you’re already a household name, your agent will forever be using Actors Access to get you seen by the biggest casting directors for the best projects.

I believe this tool needs to be a core focus if you plan to have any kind of career. Get behind it or get behind hundreds of other actors waiting in line for the auditions you want. Audition Magnet will give you precisely what you need to make Actors Access work for you.

  • And let us not forget that Casting Networks (which owns Cast It, Casting Frontier, and Spotlight) just unleashed a MAJOR update and your profile looks hella' different right now...

And yes! Everything I'm going to teach you in this course will apply everywhere you have an actor profile. That way you can get ALLLL the best auditions from ALLLL the best places to get them!

for the only course designed to help you get more auditions
for the jobs you actually want


This formula will help you see precisely what needs to change so you get called in for the right roles and stop missing out on projects worthy of a trailer-selfie. #booked.

PHASE ONE {Analyze}

You’ll use my 14-Step Profile Audit to take a deep dive into the good, the bad and the ugly of your Actors Access Profile.

I’ll be there to virtually hold your hand every step of the way. Together, we’ll clarify your career focus and lay the foundation for a long and fruitful acting career.  

Like Marita, who already tried everything...

"At the outset of Audition Magnet, I was really cynical. I’d done so many programs in the past and my thinking was basically, 'This isn’t going to work, this is dumb, and I already know all of this stuff.'

One of the most important realizations I had during Audition Magnet was that my branding was off.

Before the course, I was going out once every two weeks for nurses and mom roles but after I re-evaluated my branding, Suddenly, I was going out at least once a week for bigger roles that were actually right for me. And this year I can finally say I had a pilot season because not only was I going out regularly, but I booked one!

The thing I love most about this class is that it keeps working for you. Some of the jobs I booked since taking Audition Magnet helped me reformulate my reel and that’s resulted in even more opportunities. If you’re feeling cynical and discouraged – like I was – take this class! It will only make things better."

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty! Your one wild and precious career deserves to be celebrated and not overlooked (like your credits are right now... ouch!).

PHASE 2 {Attract}

Master the Audition Magnet methodology to ‘announce’ rather than ‘list’ your credits and experience as we go one section at a time so you can create a profile that looks like you – a profile that leaves a lasting impression even after a single submission.

I will teach you how to use precise branding and type language to nail your castability and highlight your most important accomplishments so casting will know exactly why you’re right for the job.  

Like Amanda, who finally booked her first Series Regular...

"Every actor needs to hear that it takes time and patience to build a career. But it also takes running your career like a business. Before I started working with Brian, I was frustrated. I wanted to see my career as all art. But Brian taught me practical tools that I could use on the days when I didn’t have an audition or meeting - even for just like 15 minutes - to feel more in control and actually move things forward.

A lot of times with this acting thing we don’t know what to do. We’re aimless. We’re taking a class, we’re submitting, but we’re not moving things forward. I worked for ten years before booking my first Series Regular job on NBC's Trial & Error. I never thought it was going to happen, but working with Brian really helped.  

Brian brings his whole soul to the experience. He’s not giving you cookie cutter answers. He really takes the time to look at you, get to know you, figure out what you want and then give you the tools to get there."

A Rescue Mission from the 'Castabilty Black Hole Spiral of Desperation' – You will finally have a cure to the emotional and financial danger zone of headshots, reels, clips, and slateshots.

PHASE 3 {Acknowledge}

You'll learn how to leverage (and embrace!) the 3-Step Feedback Framework so you can ask for (and gracefully receive) constructive insight to make empowered changes your reps and casting will notice.

You can stop worrying about all the time and money you’ve wasted and all the opportunities you’ve missed. 

Like Brooke, who wanted to do comedy, but was hiding...

"Something that I stubbornly avoided for a long time was getting my Actors Access to look like this is the "Professional Brooke." I never thought of it that way; I just assumed, like everybody knows I like to be funny because people know me.

Brian was like, you're in good shape, but we need to redo everything. I was shocked, because he walked me through everything and told me - you need to change this, you need to get these slate shots up, we need to redo this reel…

Like if it says you've studied and have been performing on the main stage at all of these comedy theatres in LA for eight years, then they might understand what your goals are in this career.

And until I get those direct job offers, my Actors Access needs to be perfect and tell a story.
They need to see where my career is going."

Using my 5 Compelling Criteria Rule you’ll BOOK THE ROOM before you even get the audition – finally a reliable answer to what to write in the elusive 'Note to Casting.'

PHASE 4 {Accentuate}

No more wasted time trying to get the words “just right” or counting the characters to trick your way into the office. And no more writing the same damned thing as every other actor in town!

You’ll learn how to make a lasting impression with an expansive elevator pitch that gives you an edge over the competition each and every time you click submit.

Like Heather, who's been in the business for awhile...

"I've been in this business for many, many years. Then all of a sudden I take Audition Magnet and realize that I'm in control of my career and getting my Actors Access up to date was a really big part of that.

Once I made a commitment to put the effort into updating my profile and being a proactive part of my own career, I had a bunch of awesome auditions - Jane the Virgin, Westworld, a Ryan Murphy show…

Actors Access is such a big part of your career. So, to not have that thing tied up with a bow, I think is a huge mistake that most actors are making. This is a huge opportunity to take advantage of self-submitting, and the fact that people don't do it still blows my mind.

I now know what to do to make myself stand out and I feel like it kind of changed the game for me."

When you get this right it's possible to increase your call-in rate by 7x!(Nope, that's not an exaggeration... that's actually LESS than my client Brandon who went from getting 0 auditions to 10 in 1 week.)

PHASE 5: {Accelerate}

Casting Sites limit your creativity when it comes to designing a stellar profile...

...But I’ll teach you how to work around their systems and create a standout resume that casting will remember long after you “click to submit.”

Like Amy, who had taken a break from the business...

"Before applying the changes to my profile I learned inside Audition Magnet, I submitted to 80 auditions and to zero responses. Then, I did everything Brian taught us to completely uplevel my profile.  

Soon after, I got two auditions in one day for meaty roles that almost intimidated me. But I had renewed confidence, so I tackled them – and booked them both! I recommend Audition Magnet for anyone who is ready for a new approach and different results.

Brian will help you to get clear and organized and he’ll give you specific tools you can use to get more auditions for the roles you want.

But – more importantly – he will help you to use those tools in a really conscious way so that you start to see the process of auditioning as an important aspect of your creative work, not just a means to an end."

for the only course designed to help you get more auditions
for the jobs you actually want


If you want the Universe to send a steady flow of auditions and jobs into your life, you have to be specific about your intentions. When you say, “I want to do it all,” what you’re actually communicating is, “I don’t know what I want!” And we need to cut that kind of talk immediately.

The Ultimate Mission Statement Formula

With this training, you’ll identify your Powerful Focus — the dream that makes your heart beat faster — so you can build a profile that attracts the right decision-makers and creative kingpins with whom you’re dying to work.

One of my clients used this specific tool to ‘train’ her agent to start sending her out for the RIGHT roles — which, of course, she booked!

VALUE - $275

When you apply what you learn inside the Audition Magnet program, you get a buttload of auditions... And it’s so important to know what projects are worth your time, and which ones deserve a pass.

Worth-It Resolution Framework

How do you decide if a project is worth it? There are a ton of reasons to consider when saying yes (or no): how much time it will take, how much money you’ll make, the credibility of the creative team, and the brilliance (or crappiness) of the script.

I’m going to give you my Chutes and Ladders-style plug-and-play solution to help you decide if your next gig is worth it.  

VALUE - $97

This house has electricity, you just gotta plug in! When you join the Audition Magnet family, you're immediately connected to other purpose-driven actors so you can form powerful creative relationships that will keep you on track and motivated.

Exclusive Course Community  

Hands down, every single Audition Magnet graduate mentions the power this group offered them as they did the big stuff in the course.

PLUS, get deep insights from alumni who have successfully completed the program. And access EXCLUSIVE discounts, office hours, and in-depth videos from me.

If you're worried about losing track or you're nervous about taking an online program, you should watch this video.

The feeling of community and support inside Audition Magnet is through the roof.


We’ll nail the singular way to make you stand out in the most often neglected (and hidden!) section of Actors Access.

Super Special Stand Out Bonus

This one tool is going to surprise the heck out of you. You might even get a little angry when you realize it’s been staring you in the face all along.

VALUE - $197

It’s important to know the enormous value you’ll get inside this course. These numbers are not inflated — they’re honest, good-faith estimates since you cannot buy the components separately.

for the only course designed to help you get more auditions
for the jobs you actually want

Now lookee here – if you’re still rolling your eyes at Actors Access, I have this to say: Actors Access IS Breakdown Services. It’s the only tool (other than direct pitching) you or your agent has to get you seen for the good stuff.

So, stop poo-pooing Actors Access.

Plus, Audition Magnet will teach you strategies to leverage your profile that you’ve never seen – and honestly, your agent (or soon-to-be agent) probably doesn’t even know about them... They’re designed to blow your mind and open up audition submissions for you in a whole new way. 

The Audition Magnet Diaries
From Zero to Meryl in 45 Days

Julie's Series Regular Status didn't mean diddly squat...

When I first started working with Brian, my Actors Access profile was a mess. I honestly had no idea what a big part of the deal my profile actually was.  

Brian sat down with me and looked at my profile, which I hadn’t touched in five years. He helped me examine what was there and what I needed. Then we got everything up in a way so that all the important info was highlighted. The process wasn’t intuitive for me.

I needed somebody to show me how to do it.  

This whole process forced me to be more in touch with my agents since I had to check in with them to get what I needed for my profile. They are so happy now! And I feel really empowered. This training with Brian made me realize that there’s A LOT I can be doing to make sure I’m getting the auditions that I want.

Series Regular
Netflix's Orange is the New Black, Seasons 1-5

Jin's Recurring Role on NCIS wasn't enough...

Before taking Audition Magnet, I was embarrassed by my Actors Access profile and really frustrated by a lack of auditions. Even though I had a Recurring Role on NCIS LA on my resume.  

Thanks to Audition Magnet – I learned concrete tools to move through the overwhelm and create a profile that reflects not just where I’ve been, but where I want to go as well.  

When I eventually got another audition with NCIS, I went into that room with a renewed level of confidence and a spirit of surrender. Audition Magnet challenged me to dig deep and get to know myself as a human, an actor, and an artist – to understand what I want out of my career and how the industry sees me.

Brian was convinced Actors Access was dumb...

I signed up for Audition Magnet not knowing what I was getting into. I had an Actors Access profile but didn’t really believe it would do me any good. I only kept it up because I felt like I “needed” to.  

What I loved about this course was that everybody helped each other out. I don't use Facebook a ton, but suddenly, I was on our Facebook group all the time. Reaching out to the community with questions and suggestions. I liked that I could get in there, and get my hands dirty, be honest with people, ask for constructive criticism – that just made the entire process so much easier.  

Now, I’m on Actors Access every day submitting to everything I think is right for me. I’ve got a good reel, a resume that communicates who I am. My profile has direction, and that's made all the difference in the world. I’m getting called in for more auditions and I’m booking. 

Aimee couldn't capture her brand...

Before I started working with Brian, I definitely felt unfocused and unguided.
I knew I wanted to do film and TV, but I didn’t know how to market myself for it. I had no idea that the acting business was a business!

I was submitting, but I was doing it blindly. Brian taught me so much about my Actors Access profile. I learned that I needed to have headshots that matched my reel footage.  

After working on my AA profile with Brian, I now have confidence that all of my training and experience and credits are clear; that they show what my brand is, what I enjoy doing, and where I want to go.

for the only course designed to help you get more auditions
for the jobs you actually want

As a Reminder...Here’s What You’ll Get When You Decide to be an Audition Magnet:

  • Lifetime Access to 6 Video Training Modules and Companion Action Guides to walk you through every step of the Audition Magnet System
  • The Ultimate Mission Statement Formula to name your path and own your direction  
  • The Feedback Framework designed to get honest and actionable responses to your materials 
  • The 5 Compelling Criteria Cure: This simple system will help you craft a killer ‘Note to Casting’ every time you click submit 
  • The Audition Magnet signature Biography Solution: 6 Pillars to making you stand out with every submission
  • Clarity on your type and brand so you can confidently walk into auditions and meetings knowing your worth and what you sell
  • The Ultimate Special Skills Assessment so you don’t miss a trick… literally!
  • A section-by-section, row-by-row guide to getting Actors Access right  
  • BONUS: The super secret singular way to make you stand out in the most often neglected – and hidden – section of Actors Access
  • BONUS: Worth-It Worksheet to rescue you from the overwhelm that accompanies big career decisions and helps you choose projects that truly align with your creative purpose and your pocketbook  
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to the Course Community to stay motivated, share resources, and learn from Audition Magnet graduates. 


for the only course designed to help you get more auditions
for the jobs you actually want

How Do I Know If Audition Magnet Is Right For Me?

If you say YES to any of the below, you're qualified to dive into Audition Magnet and will get a ton of value from it.

  • You’re ready to start living - and making a living - from your creative purpose  

  • Whether you have a ton of credits or you’re just getting started, you know you’re capable of working more consistently  

  • You’re tired of doing actor busy work — drop-offs, mailings, or soulless social media strategizing — and seeing no results. You want to learn the strategies used by actors with thriving careers  

  • You’re ready to take yourself — and your business — seriously with a deep dive look at your Actors Access & other casting profiles

  • You want to feel confident and empowered when you submit yourself for the jobs that inspire you

  • You’re not getting the auditions you want – plain and simple

  • You’re looking to improve your relationship with current representation, or find a new agent who’s crazy excited to submit you for the biggest gigs


Join me and become a magnet for auditions. 

for the only course designed to help you get more auditions
for the jobs you actually want

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